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Sainte-Marie Cathedral

This stunning cathedral is located on the hilltop overlooking the River Adour and the River Nive, right at the heart of the city’s historic centre. A primitive Roman cathedral once stood at the site, but was destroyed by two successive fires in 1258 and 1310.

The Sainte-Marie Cathedral replaced that ancient monument in the 13th century, with construction completed at the start of the 16th century.

The cathedral is open from Monday to Saturday (08:00-12:30 and 15:00-19:00) and Sunday (08:00-12:30 and 15:30-20:00), while the cloister is open every day (09:00-12:30 and 14:00-17:00).

Private tours of the cathedral and its cloister are available throughout the year on request, and scheduled tours run from June to December.
Please visit the tourist office in Bayonne for more information.

Basque Museum

"Hemen sartzen dena bere etxean da”. Meaning “he who enters may feel at home”, this has been the slogan of the Bayonne History and Basque Museum since its creation in 1922.

Located in Bayonne’s old town, the museum houses France’s largest ethnographic collection dedicated to the Basque Country.

> General admission: €6.50
> Concessions: €4.00
> Groups (15 people): €5.00 per person
> Children / Under-26 yrs: free

* Free entry on the first Sunday of every month
* Length of visit: approx. 90 minutes

37 quai des Corsaires
64100 Bayonne
☎ +33 (0)5 59 59 08 98

Open from 10:00 to 18:30 – Closed on Mondays and Bank Holidays (except in July and August)

Bonnat-Helleu Museum

The Bonnat-Helleu Museum houses Bayonne’s biggest collection of fine arts.

It is temporarily closed for restructuring and renovation works.

However, throughout the year it is hosting a series of open events (including conferences, concerts, workshops and more) so as not to deprive the public of its stunning collections.

5 rue Jacques Laffitte
64100 Bayonne
☎ +33 (0)5 59 46 63 60

The Arènes

In 1289, a decree by the top magistrates in Bayonne enshrined the rules of encierro, the running of the bulls and cows through the city’s streets. The resulting text is the oldest written bullfighting document in the world, and remains an authoritative account of this tradition.

In 1757, Bayonne became France’s first municipality to recognise the need to host its bullfighting events in an enclosed area, thereby presaging the bullrings – arènes – that are commonplace today.

In its present form, with a capacity for over 10,000 spectators, the arena is the largest of its kind in South-West France. Opened in 1893 and boasting neo-Moorish architecture befitting the trends of the day, it is a key piece of municipal heritage.

From 1 January to 31 December 2016 (09:00-12:00 / 14:00-18:00)
Tours run from Monday to Friday (09:00-12:00 / 14:00-18:00), where the schedule of bullfights and other events allows. No visits from July until mid-September.

Avenue des Fleurs
64100 Bayonne
☎ +33 (0)9 70 82 46 64


In euskara, the Basque language, loreztia means “flower honey”. It is also the name that Jacques Salles, a beekeeper with three decades of experience, has chosen to give to his creations.

The Loretzia Boutik'Expo is made up of four areas:
- An ethnographic space: an exhibition on “man and bee in the Basque Country over the centuries”, featuring beehives and other ancient items.
- A children’s space: both scientific and fun, this area teaches children about the role that the bee plays in pollination.
- “Stimulate your taste buds”: a space offering tasting sessions for all of the establishment’s homemade products.
- A gift shop: selling all manner of products sourced from the beehive – including bee glue, honey pastries and royal jelly – at direct prices.

52 quai des Corsaires
64100 Bayonne
☎ +33 (0)5 59 59 55 37

Botanical garden

The botanical garden is perched up behind the city walls, seven metres above the streets of Bayonne. It is designed in a Japanese style, with a central water feature boasting a bridge, a passerelle and a waterfall. The thousands of flowers on display are arranged by colour and scent.

This is the perfect setting to enjoy a stroll overlooking the city centre!

The 3,000 m² garden is open from mid-April to mid-October (09:30-12:00 / 14:00-18:00) – Free admission

Allée de Tarides
64100 Bayonne
☎ +33 (0)5 59 46 60 93

Saint-André Church

Classed as a listed building since 2002, the Saint-André Church is located in the Petit Bayonne area near to the Château Neuf. Built in 1847, these days the church serves as a focal point for Basque culture and houses a magnificent organ, the centrepiece for numerous Basque concerts and choirs.

A Basque mass is held in the church every Sunday at 09:30.

Rue des Lisses
Eglise Saint-André
64100 Bayonne

Pierre Ibaialde

In his curing workshop, located in the heart of Bayonne old town, Pierre Ibaialde offers you the chance to discover all the techniques involved in preparing ham, one of the region’s most iconic delicacies.

The experience includes a demonstration of the techniques employed and tours of both the salting and drying rooms, culminating with a tasting session of the Basque Country’s finest products.

Allow 45 minutes for the full tour, including the tasting session.
The tour is led by an expert and entirely free of charge. No advance booking is necessary.

Monday to Wednesday: 11:30, 14:15 and 16:15
Thursday: 10:00, 14:15 and 16:15
Friday: 14:15 and 16:15

41 rue des Cordeliers
64100 Bayonne
☎ +33 5 59 25 65 30

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